Places to Dine

delicious stop offs close to our hotels

It’s not a holiday if you cook everything, so why not get out and enjoy what the locals have to offer?

The Latest Places

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Freemasons is a local pub owned by Laine, a Brighton based craft brewery. As such you’ll find live gigs and other shows on. A lot of the time you’ll simply find it a solid place to watch whatever sport is on.


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The Blind Busker

The Blind Busker is a short walk from Finch Lodge located on Church Road / Western Road - essentially the main road through both Brighton and Hove. At first glance it’s a standard mainstream pub, however, deep inside lies a secret only known to those that stay to eat…


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Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man is both a fantastic name and a completely unique pancake house hidden just behind Western Road on the same street as both Easy Tiger and the Craft Beer Co. We’re happy to report that when we say pancakes, we don’t mean french crepes, we mean chunky, fluffy and fully stacked American pancakes like this:


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The Boudica is a newly opened eatery and provided a core part of the energy we used revamping Finch Lodge over Summer 2022. Having a local business serving healthy breakfasts and lunches at the end of our road felt like cheating. Especially when the meals look like this:


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Easy Tiger

About 100 meters from Finch Lodge you’ll find Easy Tiger, a new age beer purveyor enclosed in an ideal pub, and by ideal I mean a healthy tap selection and a south facing beer garden.